Noncommutative Arithmetic Geometry Media Library

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A. Connes, C. Consani Cyclic homology, Serre's local factors and the lambda-operations
A. Connes, C. Consani The universal thickening of the field of real numbers
A. Connes The Witt construction in characteristic one and quantization
A. Connes, C. Consani, Schemes over F1 and zeta functions
A. Connes, C. Consani, From monoids to hyperstructures: in search of an absolute arithmetic
A. Connes, C. Consani, On the notion of geometry over F1
A. Connes, C. Consani, Characteristic 1, entropy and the absolute point
A. Connes, C. Consani, The hyperring of adèle classes
A. Connes, C. Consani, On the arithmetic of the BC-system
A. Connes, C. Consani, M. Marcolli Noncommutative geometry and motives:The thermodynamics of endomotives
A. Connes, C. Consani, M. Marcolli Fun with F1
A. Connes, C. Consani, M. Marcolli The Weil Proof and the Geometry of the Adèles Class Space
C. Consani Noncommutative geometry and motives (a quoi servent les endomotifs?)
C. Consani, M. Marcolli Quantum statistical mechanics over function fields
A. Connes, H. Moscovici Modular Hecke algebras and their Hopf symmetry
A. Connes, H. Moscovici Rankin-Cohen brackets and the Hopf algebra of transverse geometry
A. Connes, H. Moscovici Transgressions of the Godbillon-Vey class and Rademacher functions
P. Lescot Algebre absolue
P. Lescot Absolute algebra II-Ideals and spectra
P. Lescot Absolute algebra III-The saturated spectrum
P. Lescot Prime and primary ideals in semirings
Y. Manin Lectures on Zeta functions and motives
M. Tits Sur Les Analogues Algébriques Des Groupes Semi-simples Complexes



A. Connes On the arithmetic of the BC-system (Oberwolfach talk Sept. 2011)
K. Consani Absolute arithmetic structures and their arithmetic: an overview (Oberwolfach talk Sept. 2011)
K. Consani Towards an Archimedean analogue of Fontaine theory (talk at Ohio State University, May 2012)
A. Connes The arithmetic curve, Witt vectors, and zeta. (talk at the Centro de ciencias Pedro Pascual, Benasque, June 2012)