Noncommutative Arithmetic Geometry Media Library

  JAMI 2011 Conference: Noncommutative Geometry and Arithmetic

       Papers and Slides

Y. André Arithmetic Gevrey series and transcendence. A survey
J. Borger Periodic Witt vectors and class field theory
A. Connes On the arithmetic of the BC-system II
C. Consani On the arithmetic of the BC-system I
K. Kato On conjectures of Sharifi
K. Kedlaya The p-adic arithmetic curve: algebraic and analytic aspects
P. Lescot The spectrum of a characteristic 1 algebra
G. Litvinov Tropical mathematics, idempotent analysis, classical mechanics and geometry
G. Litvinov2 Tropical mathematics, classical mechanics and geometry
O. Lorsheid Blueprints and K-theory over F1
A. Salch Grothendieck duality for affine M0-schemes
K. Thas Incidental geometries over F1
M. Vaquié A new approach on non commutative motives
O. Viro Patchworking, tropical geometry and hyperfields
B. Yalkinoglu On Bost-Connes systems and Endomotives

JAMI 2011 NCG Conference Photos
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