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    JAMI 2011 NCG Conference Videos 

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Y. André Gevrey series and arithmetic Gevrey series. A survey
J. Borger Periodic Witt vectors and class field theory
J. B. Bost Infinite rank hermitian vector bundles
A. Connes An overview on the Jami Conference topics
A. Connes On the arithmetic of the BC-system II
C. Consani On the arithmetic of the BC-system I
K. Kato On conjectures of Sharifi
K. Kedlaya The p-adic arithmetic curve: algebraic and analytic aspects
E. Leichtnam Some open problems motivated by Deninger's program
P. Lescot The spectrum of a characteristic one algebra
G. Litvinov Dequantization and mathematics over tropical and idempotent arithmetics
J. Lopez-Peña Crystals, clusters and combinatorial aspects of F1 geometries
O. Lorsheid Blueprints and K-theory over F1
H. Ochiai Zeros of Witten zeta functions and absolute limits
C. Popescu Classical and Equivariant Iwasawa Theory
A. Salch Grothendieck duality for affine M0-schemes
K. Thas Incidental geometries over F1
M. Vaquié A new approach on non commutative motives
O. Viro Patchworking, tropical geometry and hyperfields
B. Yalkinoglu On Bost-Connes systems and Endomotives