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    JAMI 2009 Videos 

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JAMI 2009 Conference Videos

P. Baum Morita Equivalence Revisited
J. B. Bost Spectral Properties of Evaluation Maps and Diophantine Geometry
P. Brosnan Essential Dimension
L. Carbone Hyperbolic Kac-Moody Symmetry, Arithmetic and Applications
A. Connes Zeta functions and the nature of SpecZ over the absolute point
A. Goncharov The Quantum Dilogarithm and Quantization of Cluster Varieties
D. Goss The Group S(q) and Indications of Functional Equations in Finite Characteristic
L. Guo Hopf Algebras of Cones and Renormalizations
M. Khalkhali Holomorphic Structures on the Quantum Projective Line
N. Kurokawa Zeta Functions over F1
M. Levine Motivic Fundamental Groups
M. Marcolli Feynman Integrals and Algebraic Geometry
H. Moscovici Twisted Spectral Triples and Local Index Formula
B. Toen A Construction of Variations of Noncommutative Hodge Structures
B. Tsygan Oscillatory Modules


JAMI 2009 Workshop Videos

J. Borger Witt Vectors, Lambda-Rings, and Absolute Algebraic Geometry
J. B. Bost Theta Series and Dimension over F1
C. Consani Schemes over F1
S. Koyama Absolute Zeta Functions
N. Kurokawa Absolute Modular Forms
S. Mahanta On two notions of geometry over F1
F. Paugam Spectral Symmetries of Zeta Functions and Global Analytic Geometry